Traditional Flat Roofing in Cheltenham & Forest Of Dean.

flat roofing in cheltenham
Require flat roofing in Cheltenham and surrounding areas? Not all flat roofs are the same however the most recognisable and common is traditional felt roofing. GRP fibreglass roofing systems and felt are the most popular systems for flat roofs. Both products are also suitable for flat roofs and even pitched roofs in some applications.
Why do customers choose traditional felt roofing? It’s popularity stems from its superb value for money and its simplicity to install. Felt is a cheaper material than EPDM and GRP fibreglass although holders the shorter lifespan. A Felt roof typically lasts for approximately 10 years, GRP fibreglass can last for over 20. With EPDM flat roofs having the longest predicted life span of up to 50 years. There are key differences between them, although we will concentrate and what makes felt appealing.
  • Benefits To Traditional Felt Roofing
  • Relatively cheap to purchase
  • Very effective
  • Easy to replace/repair
  • Low installation costs due to it being simple to install
  • Tried and tested product with proven credentials
Felt is most commonly used in flat roofing systems. It is impenetrable when installed correctly and viscous. Roofers have been installing felt for over fifty years and although the membrane has evolved slightly over the years. It largely remains a product made from bitumen (asphalt or coal-tar pitch).
The 2 main benefits of traditional felt roofing for our customers are low cost and good performance. Roof felt is on average much cheaper than newer roofing systems, such as EPDM and fibreglass. While offering performance that is comparable when installed properly to its counterparts. It is also quick to install and can be replaced quickly if required.
It has benefits for the installer to, for the roofer it’s pliability on fitting and easy transportation are good attributes. Previously mentioned felt is extremely pliable and easily shaped which makes it simpler to work with. Felt comes in rolls so for transportation a large car or van is often all that is required, making it perfect for installers.
The main downside to roofing felt is its lifespan. Typically traditional felt will last for only 10 years, depending on the weather it experiences. So if your installing it and looking for longevity then EPDM or fibreglass systems offer better long term value.
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